zigbomb website because i can

Hello, space alien.

Update 07/01/19 - Site Updates

Basically, I rewrote the html/css to be just as dogshit, but feature some new stuff. Some of it I stole from neocities, but I didn't really want to mimmick the trashy matrix style look of the site I stole this from, so I settled for 2005 european basik; with blue accents.
I'm not really going to blog here. I'm not that contrived.

In other news..

I pretty much won't frequently blog here. Blogging is relatively shallow, and at this point in time I inherently don't have time for it, and I don't really wish to publicate anything that has an ounce of opinion for a bunch of micro-redditors to inspect with a microscope and pose whether or not I'm politically correct.

Reasons why I made this site:

  • 1. I can upload and properly distribute my work and projects on here.
  • 2. I can do whatever I want because it's my website.
  • 3. It serves as a great information distribution platform, whether that be tutorials, guides, documentation, or presentation of my work.

There's practically no other reasons why I'd make a site like this beyond wanting a simple landing page and a platform to distribute stuff on. I couldn't really find anything that I thought would fit this format of having a 'blog' besides old-skool 2004-2005 stuff. Web designers loved sidebars back then.

Oh, and another thing, all of the artwork on here belongs to nickybonestein. He's a great artist and drew some concept art for me, free of charge. Send him some pesos if you think the header stuff looks cool, along with the skull.

What's currently in the works as of now:

  • Basic file repository/downloads page for tools.
  • Map release collection that includes a bunch of original vmfs.
  • Artwork/music dump.

Basically that's all that's planned for this site. I'm only hosting tools because I feel like Nem's Tools is going to go down soon, it's been up for a long time, and I don't have much confidence in it anymore, when just about everything else besides Nem's Tools has gone down. Happy site seeing.