Gstring based conglomeration made in 2017.

Created by zigbomb, this map was a small passion project and a necessity which spawned out of a desire to make a fully fluid and creative environment for players to interact in. Taking place in a dystopian future, Slumcity can be considered the old brother/predecessor to Hivecity and concepts from the map were later transferred and illustrated much more effectively in Hivecity. This project was being composed soley by zigbomb, and was latered continued on in spirit with Havana Dog's joining. This map's files will not be released.


One of my most ambitious/tedious projects yet.

Created by zigbomb, this map was a pay-backed project in which I was given creative freedom to illustrate a forest that takes place deep within the radioactive zones of Chernobyl, specifically in the highly radioactive Red Forest which is near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The player is highly immersed in one of the most lush and intricate forest environments I've ever composed. This map will likely never see public release beyond the client's project which they have rightfully paid for.


A sprawling and detailed level made in 2015.

Originally composed by Badhamknibbs, Saints Sasha, and zigbomb, this map strives to nail the creative essence of the original City 17 presented in Half-Life 2. Driven to create a map that was strict on original architecture ideas, Sasha and zigbomb continued working on the map for two years following Badhamknibbs' departure early on. The map was eventually scrapped for a rework following gameplay and technical flaws in the map. Upon major request by the public, its VMF and BSP have been released and can be found here.


A sprawling cyberpunk/dystopian environment made in 2018.

Created by Havana Dog and zigbomb, this map strives to make the player feel like they're sandwiched. Covered in verticality, Hivecity strives to create a believable and in-depth environment on a small portion of what is to be believed to be a dystopian and futuristic realm. The map features sprawling highrises, detailed street environments, and a neon-soaked hell for all players to enjoy. This map is set to release sometime soon.


The advancement and refining of City 15 made in 2017.

Created by zigbomb, this map is the follower to City 15, a previous mapping project lead by Saints Sasha and zigbomb. After Saints Sasha's departure from the project, zigbomb decided to recreate the map from the ground up with his updated vision in mind. Featuring a much more beta-like visual experience, as well as more refined level design techniques, this map strives to become what City 15 was supposed to be from the start. This map is set to release sometime soon.


A small showcase and practice map that highlights complex geometry in Source.

Created by zigbomb, This map is a simple showcase of heavy-set environmental pieces which were assembled to strike mood and atmosphere, and a possible template for future contributions towards a larger project in the same nature. This map's files won't be released.


A medium sized map featuring a run down motel, a manor, and a large forest for my Severance project.

Created by zigbomb, Severance Motel provided a backdrop for player interaction on the Severance schema, and is an edit of two Slasher maps combined to make a more effective and wide open playing field. The map was fully noded and compiled by zigbomb. This map's files won't be released.